Gaggia Platinum Vison Review

Things I like About This Product:

Touch Screen Display
Extremely intuitive and makes for very easy programming and initial set up. Also makes the machine very easy for guests to use. I suggest programming the first cup as a double shot of espresso, the second cup as an 8oz cafe crema, and the third to use as a double shot of espresso using the bypass doser. The touch screen also makes diagnosis of service easy, i.e.,messages that tell you to fill water reservoir, empty dredge drawer, descale.

Removable Brew Group
Makes for easy cleaning both of the brew group and inside the brewing area. Once a week I simply remove the brew group and rinse with warm water. I also like to use a small painters brush to brush out coffee grounds between the cracks inside the machine once I remove the brew group. I then wipe the area out with a paper towel. The removable brew group makes cleaning access very easy.

Ceramic Burr Grinder
Ceramic generally has a longer life than steel burrs. Ceramic burrs also keeps the coffee cool by limiting the amount of heat transferred from the burrs to the grinds. There is a noticeable difference in the reduced noise level produced by ceramic burrs as well.

Fresh Ground Coffee
As opposed to older Gaggia models and many other super-automatics, the grinder on this machine is positioned directly above the brew group. This means that each cup of coffee uses fresh ground coffee, not stored ground coffee like some other models. This is particularly important when you drink your first cup of the day to insure that you are not drinking stale coffee ground the day before.

Milk Island
The milk island is a wonderful accessory that makes milk frothing very easy. Simply fill the milk container up 1/3 of the way, turn the steam knob on the side of the machine and everything else will be done for you. From start to finish this whole process takes about a minute. We have a great video to watch that will give you an in-depth look at this machine.

Things I would improve about this product:

Not a one touch

Not stainless steel

  • While the milk island is a definitely a great addition, nothing beats the ease of use like a one touch machine such as the Gaggia Accademia.
  • The Platinum Vision housing construction uses ABS Plastic. Though it is very difficult to find any espresso machine that has all steel and/or stainless steel construction anymore, it would be nice to see more manufacturers offering this.

Customer Match/Recommended Use:

As with most super-automatic espresso machines you cannot beat the convenience the Platinum Vision offers when making your espresso beverages. With the addition of the touch display and the milk island the Vision is great for users that want a good combination of ease of use and quality beverages with little mess. The machine works very well in entertainment situations when serving 10 or less guests.