Gaggia Platinum Vogue:

This week I was able to get my hands on the Gaggia Platinum Vogue. With its stylish design and great price point I was eager to pull some shots with it. After rigorous testing and lots of caffeine I have given the Vogue a worthwhile review.

What I liked about the product:

The machine has the E-Plus system. This allows you to speed up or slow down the rate of extraction. This is nice because it lets you customize your drink setting: faster flow for a full cup and slower for a small cup.

The ceramic burr grinder does a great job grinding the beans and does not alter the taste of the coffee.

The Vogue is very easy to use. With a press of a button it will grind, tamp and brew. The panarello wand makes frothing milk easy.

What I Would Change:

There is no bypass doser.  Occasionally, I like to brew with a pre-ground coffee. This feature is also nice when you have company over and someone asks for decaf.

The control panel has a learning curve. When you run out of water or need beans a red light flashes. It would be nice if there was a display screen.

Recommended Environment:

This is a great machine for someone who is looking for a quality machine at a good price. It will allow you to have the convenience of a super automatic with some flexible programming. It is easy to use and does not create a large mess.