My Opinion on Brewing with the Brewtus

What I Like About The Brewtus

Double Boiler

What this means is you have one boiler for steam and another boiler for brewing espresso. The great thing about a double boiler is it gives you great temperature stability for brewing espresso. It is interesting to note how the espresso taste can change when brewing at different temperatures, The Brewtus with a double boiler allows you to brew at exact temperatures shot after shot. The double boiler is one of the most coveted features among espresso fanatics and is found on only the best machines.


Proportional, Integral, Derivative

The PID is what gives the Brew boiler the ability to brew to exact temperatures. PID stands for Proportional, Integral, and Derivative. Here is a simple explanation of what it does in regards to the brew boiler: a PID is a computerized, digital thermostat. It monitors and learns how your boiler heats. It then will accurately control any temperature you want it to maintain. The advantage is it is a variable you can control as you learn to make repeatable great shots.


The Brewtus IV is outfitted with a chrome-plated brass E-61 Brew Group. This type of group head is well known for its ability to help maintain exact or in this case calculated temperature stability. It does this by using a thermo siphon system that circulates hot water from the boiler to maintain group head temperature. The Expobar Brewtus IV machine now offers a concave pre-infusion chamber that allows the user the ability to control pre-infusion by using the lever. Many people feel that by experimenting with the pre-infusion you can really control the taste of the coffee.

Plumbing options

We felt it was important to give the Brewtus IV many options for plumbing. We have covered all the bases. You can use it as a pour over with the vibration pump reservoir model. You can hook a water line directly to it with the Rotary pump model. This model is quieter and also will let you attach a water softener/filter system to protect your machine. You also have the option in a reservoir model that can be plumbed or you can use it as a plumb in version. So with this model you can use it either way and it is fitted with a vibration pump.

Construction and Durability

We are very proud of all the positive feedback we get in regards to how much people love their Brewtus. Many of these people use their machine multiple times a day and love not only the great shots they get but also how well the machine works and holds up. We have done a great job of constantly improving the machine realizing that one of the most important things is the reliability and durability of the machine. We are proud of our efforts and how well the Brewtus line has held up for us.

What I would improve:


The Machine especially in the plumbed in version may be a little larger in size and heavier then people expect.

Larger Cup Size

Right now the Expobar IV It fits a 4 and inch cup underneath the spouts. It would be nice if it could fit a larger cup say about 7 inches for a larger travel cup or a 16 ounce cup. But it certainly is not a deal breaker because if it is made to take a taller cup it may not fit under a normal counter.

What I Recommend:

Those at-home baristas that want to use a commercial style machine with commercial style quality. Also for those that entertain often. I really think is the machine for people who never want to suffer from upgradeitis or espresso machine envy as this is the best of the best for a home machine. I also think this is the machine for espresso lovers that treat espresso like wine. They want to taste, compare, experiment and maybe even rate. No matter how well the espresso rates this machine gets high marks from all who are fortunate enough to have purchased one.