What I like about the Grinder:

The Grind adjustment – The Ceado E7 grinder is very simple to adjust compared to other grinders in its class. While most grinders in its class use an adjustable collar the Ceado E7 has an easy to use clearly marked slide that moves precisely for coarse or fine grind adjustments.

The Doser – The doserworks extremely well and does a very good job of doing a clean sweep of the grinds in the dosing chamber, thus preventing unused grinds from getting stale. The lever also has an admirable action and carries a lifetime warranty on the spring. The doser does an excellent job of shooting the coffee straight down into the portafilter. Of all the grinders I have used it does the best job of delivering the coffee grounds into your portafilter with little mess. Most grinders push the coffee to the right or left.

The Burrs – The 64 MM flat burrs do a great job of producing a consistent, quality grind. They are made of high quality steel specifically to be used in a grinder. They will stay sharp and functional for a long time. I like how the burrs are held in place by three screws not a conventional collar. This means there is no place for extra grounds to accumulate as happens with many other grinders. The collar design can cause some serious issues such as eventually not being able to adjust the grinder.

Cleaning - This is probably the best aspect of the many innovative design features. As mentioned before three screws hold the burrs in place. Removing the screws allows the top burr to be removed in one piece for cleaning or replacement. You can clean the burrs quickly and there is no build up of grounds in strange places. What is really nice is that when you reinstall the burrs they are in exactly the same place as when you started. Therefore you don’t have all the hassle of dialing in your grinder to the setting that works best for your espresso.

Some things that could be better:

The timer – The timer model does have a timer but it is preset for a specific time. This is Ok but I would like to see a dial that when turned will give you a better idea of how much coffee you are going to get.

Smaller hopper – The grinder is more of a commercial grinder. Many people would be thrilled to have this in their home along with a great pro?sumer espresso machine. The large hopper may hold more coffee then most home users will need and/or it may be too tall to fit under standard cupboards. We do have a mini grinder hopper that will work but was not designed specifically for the Ceado.

My overall impressions:
This is a great grinder with more innovative features then I’ve mentioned. I have really been impressed by how quiet it is, how well it grinds, how easy it is to keep clean, and how easy it is to adjust. If you want a quality piece of equipment that works well - then get this grinder. They are manufactured in Italy by a company with a long and successful tenure in the food equipment industry. In my opinion this grinder ranks number one out of all the grinders that I have used.