One of the great things about my job are all the times I get to say “wow, that's really cool,” and I'm pleased to say I was able to do exactly that today when I took a look at the Aroma Point Capsule Adapter Kit from Crem International.

Expobar Espresso Machine

Anyone who's owned an Expobar machine can attest to their high performance capabilities. The Aroma Point Capsule Adapter Kit essentially doubles an Expobar's brewing capabilities. I was thrilled to discover that a machine like the Brewtus or Office Pulser could be modified to use any of the Lavazza Aroma Point or Filicori Zecchini capsules that we sell. The great thing about the marriage between an Expobar Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine and Lavazza Aroma Point capsules is the union of a proven high quality coffee drinks machine with the ability to brew coffee and steam milk at the same time and the wonderful mess free convenience of single-serve capsules. Plus, after the party is over and you want to exercise your barista muscles the next day with that Trinidad Blue Mountain blend coffee you just received you can revert the Expobar back to its regular portafilter and shower screen for making shots the usual way. Aroma Point capsule coffee assortments are great for people who entertain frequently, providing consistent shots even at high volume without the grinding, tamping, cleaning steps of semi-automatic espresso machine brewing.

Aroma Point Capsule Adapter

If you are anything like me, you'll agree that significantly altering the beautiful facade of an Expobar Espresso Machine can be a deal breaker. I'm quite happy to say that the Aroma Point Capsule Adapter Kit does very little to change the appearance of the Expobar. The adapter makes use of a special shower-screen adapter plate and a specialized portafilter in order to brew the capsules.

Installation of the new shower-screen plate requires that the Expobar's original shower-screen be removed. When you want to brew espresso the usual way, just reverse the installation steps and re-install the original shower screen

For me, the possibility of brewing Aroma Point coffee drinks on a semi-automatic machine really takes the pressure off. For anyone looking to increase the versatility of their Expobar machine, the Aroma Point Capsule Adapter is compatible with any of Whole Latte Love's current line of Expobar espresso machines.