Let’s face it, espresso machines require regular maintenance. This type of maintenance also requires time. If you recall, I previously posted a blog entitled “Time Is Money”. I may seem a little obsessive about the issue of time but as I have mentioned before, I do NOT particularly like to waste mine.

Cleaning my espresso machine feels like I am doing just that, wasting time. It really bothers me to think about it though I know it has to be done. I know there are others out there that share these sentiments and that is why, again, it is wiser to go with a one-touch super-automatic espresso machine rather than a semi-automatic.

It is just a matter of time for any espresso machine to require a proper cleaning and descaling. I’ll spare you the boring details as to why we need to do this exactly but it is certainly vital to the functionality and longevity of your machine.

Urnex Cafiza formulated for cleaning your super-automatic espresso machine in a jiffy from www.wholelattelove.comThe nice thing about super-automatic one-touch machines is not only do they alert you when it is time to clean, but they also do the cleaning for you. All you need to do is add your descaling cleaning agent accordingly, put a decent size container underneath the spouts and push the self cleaning button. Once it is finished with its 15-20 minute cleaning cycle, you simply refill your water reservoir and you are good to start brewing again.

Oh and as un-manly as it may seem to read instructions, you may want to consider reading the owner’s manual for cleaning your machine. Why? Because they are not all the same and you don’t want to miss an important step. This cleaning should ideally be done roughly every 2-3 months depending on how heavily you are using your machine.

I would much rather have a super-automatic one-touch machine that cleans itself rather than going through the whole back-flushing process required for a semi-auto or prosumer machine. Not to mention the ease of removing the brew group for a quick rinse, and sliding out the dredge drawer for a quick flip into the garbage, a rinse and snap back into the machine.

Gaggia Accademia Super-Automatic Espresso machine saves time from www.wholelattelove.comI find super automatics overall simplify your life by saving time and effort especially where cleaning is concerned. Semi-automatics are too hands-on even when cleaning…and don’t even get me started with the mess a grinder makes. Ugh! I am literally getting sick to my stomach just thinking of that whole mess.

I am not necessarily a clean freak but I definitely do like my kitchen to be tidy. Coffee grinds all over my counter tops is NOT tidy! Not only does the super-automatic one-touch machine aid in keeping my kitchen clean but it saves me time!