The name Handpresso and innovation are synonymous; and over they last few years they've continued to reinforce that association. When I first started working at Whole Latte Love I had heard of Handpresso and of the two varieties of hand-held espresso machines they made, the Handpresso Wild and the Handpresso DomePod. Eventually the two were combined into the Handpresso Wild Hybrid (later rechristened the Handpresso Pump). Since then they've gone on to create the first ever espresso machine for your car and more recently they've come out with an exclusive series of special edition colored machines called the Handpresso Pump Pop.

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Make Espresso that Pops!

To me, whether you're a hiker, biker, boater, golfer, camper, fisher, or just plain coffee enthusiast, Handpresso has always been about taking your love of espresso with you wherever you go. The Handpresso Pump Pop let's you do just that! Available in three new colors including Sky Blue, Apple Green, and Coral Pink, you can express yourself more boldly than ever.

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Testing the Machine

Maybe I didn't take the Handpresso base jumping with me, but the Whole Latte Love kitchen can be a pretty extreme locale for espresso brewing. I wasn't exactly roughing it, but I wanted to mention that the Handpresso can use hot water from anywhere, be it a campfire, a thermal flask, or even another espresso machine (like the on in our kitchen). Please remember that the Handpresso doesn't heat the water itself.

The Coffee

When you brew you have the option of popping an ESE pod in or filling the DomePod basket with ground coffee. If you do use the basket, I recommend grinding the coffee into a container first and then using a scoop, otherwise things can get messy.

Getting Ready to Brew

Once you've taken care of your coffee, secure the portafilter and press the brew button. In the kitchen, I tried to imagine a babbling forest brook (ASMR anyone?) as fresh espresso poured from the spout and into my cup.

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I found brewing with the Handpresso Wild Hybrid to be a very hands-on experience. I was very impressed by its performance, and wild with excitement by the time I was finished... okay good, you're still with me. Puns aside, I found the Handpresso Wild Hybrid to be an incredibly easy machine to use and operates very similarly to a bike pump. What it really boils down to is pumping the machine, filling it with water and coffee and pushing a button.