It's a frightening prospect for some, but also a potential reality as the 2013 US Farm Bill remains as of yet, unpassed. The Farm Bill, which is actually a five year agricultural policy bill to help subsidize the cost of agriculture hasn't been pushed through as Congress remains embroiled in fiscal cliff debates. As a result of the bill's delayed passing, the price of grocery items could potentially spike, milk included. Could you imagine paying $6, or possibly even more money for a gallon of milk?

If the bill is delayed until April of 2013 as some expect it may be, there are really only three options: cough up the extra money, cut the milk, or find another creamer for your favorite drinks. I looked up some alternatives and some of the most commonly recommended ones were different kinds of plant milks, like soy or almond. This is a topic we've taken some interest in recently so if you have any questions for us about making drinks with milk alternatives, don't hesitate to ask!