I like to compare the Saeco Intelia Focus espresso machine to Jaguars… Like the Jaguar, the Saeco Intelia Focus is beautiful, shiny and smart.  It also likes to keep itself clean (like the Jaguar).

The Intelia brews using a 15 bar pump and features a pre-brewing function (it pre infuses the coffee which means the coffee is wet prior to brewing to aid in extraction) to enhance the flavor of your favorite beverage whether it be latte, cappuccino, espresso or long espresso.  This machine has a hot water option which dispenses out of the wand for tea, hot chocolate or oatmeal!  The dispensing spouts on the brew head slide up or down from 2.5 through 4.5 inches.  The footprint is rather heroic at approximately 10”W, 13.5”H, and 17.5” D.  A grinder adjustment key & pre-ground coffee doser scoop, water hardness test strip, descaling solution, brew group lubricant and cleaning brush are all included in the box.

The coffee grounds drawer, water reservoir and drip tray are all located on the front face, they pull out for cleaning or refilling water. The grounds drawer holds about 10 pucks and the water reservoir holds 1.5 liters or just under 51 ounces. The right side of the machine opens up, which is where the brew group and residues drawer are found, they come right out and rinse off. The Intelia will need to be descaled regularly as all espresso machines should be. It's really a snap! Just push the Calc Clean button and the nice control panel will prompt you for all of the steps. The pannarello wand slides off and should be rinsed after each use.

The Saeco Intelia Focus is simply a wonderful espresso machine! It pre-brews, automatically cleans & descales, has an adjustable ceramic grinder and it is energy efficient. And, it sure does make drinks fast… Just like the Jaguar XKR-75!