I'm always excited when I get to write about new items, which is why I was really jazzed, this week, when we got some new stuff from Bodum.

French Press

First are a pair of new pair of French presses, the Crema and the Eileen.The elegant Crema is a classic example of Bodum's intelligent and functional design, while the artistic Eileen impresses with the unique styling of its stainless steel housing.

Double Walled Mugs

Once you've brewed your coffee, you'll need something to put it in. That's where the new Pavina and Bistro glasses take the stage. Both crafted from mouth-blown double walled glass, these glasses are an elegant way to keep your hot drinks hot and your cool drinks cool. The 15 oz Pavina is ideal for showcasing drinks with layering effects, like the latte macchiato. The 5 oz Bistro cups are ideal for serving espresso.

Milk Frother

Last on our list is the Bodum Mousse Electric milk frother. Just add some fresh milk and work the plunger for delicious frothed milk, perfect for cappuccinos.