Mother's Day is quickly approaching and of course you need to find the perfect gift for Mom. Well, I've already found it... Teaposy!!! My mother loves her tea and enjoys sharing these beautiful teas while entertaining. Not only are the teas beautiful, they're made with premium silver needle white tea, sewn together by hand with cotton thread.

I was extremely thrilled to find such great gifts to give my Mom and her friends! For those who like to entertain, the Celebrate gift set does nicely. The 24oz Celebrate teapot is dishwasher safe, and made of heat resistant borosilicate glass. This gift set also includes 8 blooming teas and 2 loose leaf tea sachets. The look on my Mom's face the first time she watched her tea bloom was priceless! She was so fascinated by the lovely blooming process and the scent of jasmine in the air.

As for all the other busy moms, the Teaposy Charme gift set is perfect! This set is meant for 1, perfect for the peaceful time when the kids are out of the house and you can snuggle up with a cozy blanket and read a book. The Charme set comes with a the 16oz Charme teapot, which, like the Celebrate is heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Also paired with the Charme is an 8oz cup that serves as the base of the teapot when not in use, 3 blooming teas, and 2 loose leaf tea sachets.

I know I truly like some quiet, tea time while I can schedule it in, so make your Mother's Day shopping easier with a beautiful Teaposy gift from Whole Latte Love!