After two relatively mild winters, we got hit with a doozy. They’re calling it an “arctic vortex” on the news and predicting record-breaking temps below zero. I won’t even get into the wind chill factor.


As you can imagine, many of us have turned to a hot cup of coffee to warm up throughout the big freeze. Unfortunately, some rely on various coffee-shop chains for their daily coffee fix. Those are the poor souls trekking through ice and snow for a little java this morning. What a hassle!


Not only can a home cafe save you money, it is also the most convenient way to enjoy freshly prepared drinks. You can even tailor beverages to suit your specific preferences. However, creating an in-house cafe can prove to be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve got a whole section dedicated to espresso packages for every taste and budget.


Consider these packages launching pads your custom espresso bar. Regardless of whether you prefer the convenience of a super-automatic or the hands-on approach of a semi-automatic machine and grinder, buying a package instead of individual products often yields big savings.

Not only will you be able to prepare your own drinks without changing out of those cozy PJs, you can also entertain in style with homemade beverages for your guests. Many of our packages come brew-ready. You’ll be able to start slinging drinks - from espressos to Americanos, lattes and macchiatos, in no time. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to set the coffee bar!