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Machine advice

  Michael (0 pts)        Nov 05, 2015

Just stumbled across your website. Fantastic!! I didn't even know these types of machines were available for home use. Recently visited a friend who had a Miele CM5200, which sent me off searching. I'm more drawn to Delonghi, specifically the ESAM 3500, ECAM 25.462S and the ESAM 6620....

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Gaggia portafilter single spout

  wot (0 pts)        Nov 05, 2015

Looking to replace gaggia double spout with a single spout.  I've already removed spout.  Is there a third party single spout that fits?

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Gaggia Classic - water not heating

  Mr. Mike (0 pts)        Nov 02, 2015

I bought my Gagga Classic new a few months ago. I turned the machine on this morning and was surprised when the light on switch 2 came on immediately and remained on. I turned switch 2 on and dispensed water for about 6 seconds and the light remained on and the water was cold. Similarly when...

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expobar 2003

  tracey (0 pts)        Oct 30, 2015

Hi. I hope to make this clear. I purchased a office expobar in 2003 from you and have loved it. We have replaced a few parts over the years we got form you with success Now I think th boiler may have gone out, it will not heat water, no noise. I was successfull in taking a tooth pick and pushing...

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Steam Leak at coupling to pressurestat

  Scott (0 pts)        Oct 29, 2015

Hi, got to say I love your online videos! I'm experiencing a steam leak at the coupling to the pressurestat on my Rocket Giotto. I removed the coiled copper tube & cleaned the tip and the pressurestat pipe as well. Put it all back together and...

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  Judi (0 pts)        Oct 27, 2015

The new machine I received today says ventilate and there are no instructions or owner manuel to tell me how to use the machine

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Gaggia titanium error - diagnosisbox

  Willdearborne (0 pts)        Oct 21, 2015

Hello,Thanks for taking a look at my question. I've recently purchased a Gaggia Titanium machine and loved it for about a day. However, now I'm seeing the error message "diagnosisbox" on the front display screen. After a search and looking at error codes I can't seem to...

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Best Coffeemaker to use at 10,000 ft.

  virginia (0 pts)        Oct 20, 2015

I'm having trouble finding a coffee maker that makes good coffee at my mountain regreat in Breckenridge Colorado.  I think the altitude plays a role?

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Which espresso machine to buy?

  Jane Jonas (0 pts)        Oct 16, 2015

I'm trying to decide which of three machines I should purchase, and would appreciate feedback. I primarily drink lattes and cappucinos, and tend to make 1-3 at a time. I could plumb the machine when we remodel the kitchen this summer, but it's not a necessity. I was looking for precise...

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Expobar office lever

  JLE (0 pts)        Oct 16, 2015

I am quite new to brewing my own espresso. I used a Moka pot, then quickly decided I wanted an espresso machine. I purchased a saeco aroma from SCG, trying to be cost conscious but realized it was not what I was looking for. Shots are good but using steaming wand is a pain and making 1 drink...

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fair trade organic coffee

  La Puerta Azul (0 pts)        Oct 14, 2015

We are starting up a coffee shop in Chile South America and are looking for a closeby source of fair trade organic coffee that we can buy in bulk. Chile is a tea culture, but in the last few years coffee shops have begun to pop up everywhere, but despite the fact that we are in South America,...

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coffe beans empty

  priya (0 pts)        Oct 13, 2015

hopper has coffee beans in it but still says empty - have tried stirring the hopper but rinding is erratic. Does this need servicing?

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Gaggia Titanium Grind Settings

  Scott Zeiter (0 pts)        Oct 10, 2015

My Titanium over time has lost the ability to grind fine.  I followed Kathy's video on cleaning and calibrating the grinder, which was great, and the adjusting knobs work great, the way it's supposed to.  I even followed the video multiple times in case I did something...

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Lavazza Aroma Point machine leaking water into tray

  Jonathan Keith Hankins (0 pts)        Oct 10, 2015

Love my Lavazza machine, but recently it started not giving a full cup as previous.   I also noted that water is filling up in the dump tray for the cartidges.    Do i need to send in for repair?  If so who and where do I go.   

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Gaggia Classic - Backflush portafilter insert

  MarkM (0 pts)        Oct 08, 2015

Hi,In your video on backflushing a Gaggia Classic you use metal backflush portafilter insert.I am trying to order one of these but can't seem to find the part on your website.  Can you send me the part number?Thanks,Mark

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