I am in the proces of starting a mobile capucino/espreso/cofe busines. I plan to sel in a both or a capucino cart at...

I am in the process of starting a mobile cappuccino/espresso/coffee business. I plan to sell in a booth or a cappuccino cart at functions like farmer's markets.. I don't have unlimited budget, so price is an issue. However, I need something that is durable enough for commercial use. I also need it to be portable. I am open for suggestions.
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Rudd, This machine is not close to a commercial machine. It has a 4 ounce boiler , cant brew ad steam at the same time, and is not made for making one drink after another. Call us as you need some good advice and guidance. You need to find out if you need NSF approved machines, we need to talk about what size drinks you want to sell and also lets go over your budget.
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