I love my old Expobar Ofice Control (?circa 203) but I am afraid it has finaly died. I hope to revive it with some...

I love my old Expobar Office Control (?circa 2003) but I am afraid it has finally died. I hope to revive it with some parts and care if possible. When turned on, it no longer heats up and the pump does not make it's lovely priming sound. Oh, and the program buttons haven't worked in about a year - I just use the "continuous" button to start and stop a brew cycle. Is this machine worth fixing? I will be so sad to say goodbye.
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Hello Pauline! This is a very good question. As we get questions that revolve around this with other brands also. With the age of this machine, if you were to send it in for repair, I would suggest purchasing new. If your handy with doing things yourself and can diagnose the issue, I would keep the machine. Either way I would give our tech department a call 1-888-411-5282 option 3. If you decide that repair, just isn't going to work for you. Any of us in sales would be able to help you. Have a wonderful day!
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