The manual recomends cleaning the uper part of the steam wand wekly. The lower part of the panarelo comes of easily...

The manual recommends cleaning the upper part of the steam wand weekly. The lower part of the panarello comes off easily for cleaning. The illustration depicts a downward pull on the upper part, but that isn't working for me. I've tried pulling, twisting, jiggling, but it won't come off and I'm afraid to break it. Any suggestions? It is not steaming the milk as well, so I'd like to clean it out.
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Thank you for the question. I have done this many times myself in demonstrations. It does require a bit of force to get off the first time. Use a finger underneath the down curve. This will take pressure off the wand going in the machine. Then try twisting and pulling down with a bit of force. I believe they use a bit of adhesive when first put on to hold in place.
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