I own a cofe shop in Florida and loking for a cofe maker I can take to diferent special events and even in a cofe...

I own a coffee shop in Florida and looking for a coffee maker I can take to different special events and even in a coffee type vehicle. What are your ideas. Thanks Ed
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Ed, This is a good question and as many things in the coffee business it depends on what you want to make, how many you want to make, how many in a row and also what size you want to make. I would need to know the answers to these questions before I could give you a proper answer. In my opinion this machine would work best if you want to make small drinks say 8-12 ounces, serve maybe 20-30 at most spread out over a couple of hours. The machine is really intended for home use.It is not made to make a bunch of 16 ounce lattes in a row. It would be ideal to have people sample your coffee as it does make a great cafe crema easily. Please contact me if you have questions or would like some advice on the right machine for your use. I can be reached at extension 5196.
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