I've had the Baby Clas for a few months now, and I've got the brewing down, but the steam wand is stil a bit of an...

I've had the Baby Class for a few months now, and I've got the brewing down, but the steam wand is still a bit of an enigma. It tends to spurt out a lot of water. Even when I purge the line a couple of times and wait for it to come back up to temp, it still sputters. Recently it has stopped producing enough steam to do anything more than violently bubble the milk. I hit the steam button, wait for it to come on, then I wait some more. Still nothing but frothing fail. Is it likely that I have a bad thermostat, or could it be something to do with the priming function? Like I said, I've only had it a few months, and we have a water softener. Besides, it has done this from the beginning, its only gotten worse recently. Please help. I am not cool with hot bubbled milk.
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The Baby Class has a small aluminum boiler similar to a basic mono-block. Waiting longer or flushing the line won't do too much to help. The water is pretty much heated on demand and the "force" is in part produced by keeping the line diameter small enough to ensure adequate velocity of the steam at the outlet. That creates the problem of the line being easily blocked by scale. WLL has many descalers that will work quite well. If you are in a rush you can empty the reservoir and add about 16-20 ozs of vinegar mixed with water (around 50-50%).Flush the steam line several times until the mix is used up. This should restore the line to full usable diameter and get you back to normal operation. Sometimes you have to use the vinegar at full strength depending on the scale makeup. A water softener will not generally reduce the buildup of scale, that is a function of water quality, which is a function of water source. An Easy Water device does produce a measurable reduction in scale, but not complete reduction. The use of an Easy Water can make scale worse for a time before getting better. Water filters work too. Usually the more expensive they are the better they are.
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