I only brew 15 ounces of cofe each morning. Wil the Technivorm do a god job with this smal amount of cofe? Is there...

I only brew 15 ounces of coffee each morning. Will the Technivorm do a good job with this small amount of coffee? Is there an adjustment for smaller amounts? I grind with your Rancilio doserless grinder which is wonderful!
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William, It will work and here is some advice from another use For morning use, making "2 cups", I use 30g. of freshly ground home roast ground between medium and fine setting on my Infinity to just a hair over "4 cups" of water on the marking lines on the water chamber. This is equal to 30g. of coffee to 500g. of water. I always weight my water when using the CCD, but I performed a quick and dirty calibration of the markings on the TV and arrived at this compromise. If you do this, please note that there is some residual water that remains in the system, so make a "wet run" to charge the plumbing before doing a similar calibration on your own machine. With the "4 cup" water level in the chamber, I do find it necessary to allow the filter to fill, stir when it reaches about 3/4" of the top and then allow the basket to drain on the first opening position. So you may want to try different methods perhaps as some have suggested of stirring the grounds when it is about to brew with the water in the filter.
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