I just got my Gagia Academia and I am super stoked. It's my first espreso machine so I'm totaly new to al this. I got...

I just got my Gaggia Accademia and I am super stoked. It's my first espresso machine so I'm totally new to all this. I got it hoping to recreate the Café crème just like we had at Brasserie L'Europeen in Paris. I'm not all to sure how to even make it because online sources vary even between if it's made with heavy cream or steamed milk and with various ways to make it. All attempts at what has been recommended online has been a failure. I'm hoping there's an espresso expert at Whole Latte Love can help me with the EXACT settings and ingredients I would need to try to replicate the amazing Café crème. I bought the Lavazza Super Crema and Illy Medium Roast and am hoping those are the right kind of beans...I heard they were awesome. I'm a total beginner, so step-by-step instructions to get it just right would be sooo helpful! Thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide!
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The most important thing in replicating the coffee would be the coffee itself. Do you know which brand or type of coffee they used? Set the dosage to the maximum (3 beans). Set the grind in the middle and try a few coffees. If the coffee is too weak then turn the grind setting down to a finer grind. With a little experimentation you should be able to get pretty close to the coffee from Brasserie L'Europeen.
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