God morning al. but it could be beter - I have a Gagia Clasic and MDF which on grind seting 6 used to give great...

Good morning all... but it could be better - I have a Gaggia Classic and MDF which on grind setting 6 used to give great espresso. Now, for reasons beyond me, the water runs right through. I have graduated down all the way to 2 on the MDF and it looks pretty fine grind. I always let the machine warm up and give it a good purge shot before use. Coffee is Illy or Intelligentsia and only ground on the day of use. Please could you let me know what I am missing out on or whether something might have been damaged. The water runs through the grounds with seemingly no resistance.
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Have you tried recalibrating the MDF? I am emailing you some instructions on cleaning and recalibrating the grinder. See if that helps.
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