I am loking to purchase a machine that wil alow me to make a great capucino in the morning.or two.and espreso in the...

I am looking to purchase a machine that will allow me to make a great cappuccino in the morning...or two....and espresso in the afternoon, as is the custom. If my girlfriend is over, I'd like to make her one too or any company. I like the manual pull and look. I'm reading reviews and I'm getting the impression that La Pavoni's are amazing machines that last for years and years, but they can't make decent foam. Is this true? I read one review that said if you do anything, get the 16 cup one because of the bigger reservoir in order to steam milk. Thoughts????
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Basil, The manual lever machines in general are a bit trick to use. But with time, patience, and work they can create a truly fantastic shot. Frothing also is a bit different on them. It's the same idea, but how the steam is produced and the power that it has makes it a little tricky. But again, it's a fully capable machine, and with practice will treat you well for years!
  A       Nov 01, 2013 05:03PM
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