I've hapily owned the Rancilio Silvia for a couple years now but am in the proces of upgrading to a double boiler...

I've happily owned the Rancilio Silvia for a couple years now but am in the process of upgrading to a double boiler model. I plan on eventually selling my Silvia but would like to know your recommended approach to storing the machine in the mean time- is there a need to drain the boilers? If so, how is this best accomplished? Are there other things I need to keep in mind? Thanks in advance for your help!
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I would drain the boiler and here is how- Read and understand these instructions entirely before attempting to drain your boiler. Consult our Tech Department before continuing. Only perform this procedure when your machine is COLD! If the machine has been used previously on this day, please make sure the heating elements are completely cool before continuing, or you run the risk of being burned. With the machine unplugged, please remove the portafilter handle, drip pan, drip tray cover, water reservoir, water reservoir cover and any other loose parts that may fall when the machine is tipped over. Lay the machine on its back. With all buttons and switches in the off position, plug in the machine. Find a tall-sided container that can hold about 20oz. or more. Hold the container under the steam wand and tilt it slightly down so that the container is in a position to catch water that will be coming out of the steam wand. Turn on the power switch. Activate the pump. a. This step will differ depending on the machine that you have. b. If there is a hot water dispensing button, turn that on. c. Turn on whatever buttons you normally would to receive water out of the steam wand. Water should now be coming out of the steam wand and landing in your container. Run the machine until the stream of water has dissipated. Now tilt the machine on its head, following the steam wand with your tall-sided container. The stream of water will most likely pick up pace again. Once the water has stopped, rest the machine back down on its back and turn off your water and main power switches. The boiler is now drained.
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