Helo WL - I am enjoying geting the hang of brewing on my Gagia Baby. Question about Capucino "proces". I...

Hello WLL - I am enjoying getting the hang of brewing on my Gaggia Baby. Question about Cappuccino "process"... I have read in a few places that you should not have your espresso shot "sit" longer than like 15 seconds or something like that before adding your steamed/frothed milk to it? Is this true? I say this because this is a single boiler machine and it takes me a lot longer than 15 seconds to get good steamed/frothed milk going. So do you propose I steam/froth my milk FIRST and then make my shot? Or does the 15 second rule I state above not really matter? And the brewed espresso shot will not go "stale" in as quick as 15 seconds before your steamed/frothed milk is ready? And finally, if I do steam the milk first, do I not then have to run a cup of water thru the brew group WITHOUT the portafilter to "Prime" the boiler? This of course adds an extra step.
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Ariel, There is some validity regarding how long you let your espresso sit and it really should not be more than 15 seconds. I would steam your milk first. You will want to run water out of the steam wand to cool your boiler faster and you may want to run some water out of your grouphead as well just to warm it up before brewing a shot. I really would not think of it as an extra step as it will make the time between steaming and brewing less. I hope this helps and enjoy your espresso,
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