I sem to be having the same problem as Jesica Grifith. Had les than 30 days everthing sems to be working on machine...

I seem to be having the same problem as Jessica Griffith. Had less than 30 days everthing seems to be working on machine but it wont spit out coffee.. please help i need some asap
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Jeff, here's a few basic troubleshooting options to look into to figure out where the problem is: Set the machine to pre-ground mode, not putting any pre-ground coffee in, and tell it to brew a single shot. Does water come out? If not, pull the brew unit out, rinse it thoroughly, and try this again. If nothing comes out, your machine might be faulty. if the machine is working correctly, brown-tinted water should come out of the spouts. A shot of mostly-water would isolate the grinder as the trouble-spot. If water came through, try setting the grind to a coarser setting (12-14, higher is coarser), making sure to adjust it only while the machine is trying to grind. You may need to repeat the brew process one to two times to flush out any old grounds—If you weren't able to get good flow after adjusting the grinder, I would suggest removing the brew unit and lightly rinsing it (focusing on the metal filter screen) one more time and attempting one final brew cycle using the coarser setting you set it at. If this doesn't work, or if you have any further questions, let us know!
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