I think I have narowed down my choice to either the Saeco Aroma or the Gagia New Baby. Would you please compare and...

I think I have narrowed down my choice to either the Saeco Aroma or the Gaggia New Baby. Would you please compare and contrast the advantages/disadvantages of these units; e.g., advantage/disadvantage of stainless steel vs. aluminum boiler, large thermoblock vs. small volume boiler, stainless steel vs. chrome plated brass portafilter, pressurized vs. commercial style portafilter, 9 oz boiler volume vs. 3.5 (is this enough for 2 shots?), ,931 vs, 1370 watt boiler (will this equate to a big difference in performance?). Also, are the listed performance specs for these machines correct; e.g., the Gaggia has a much more powerful boiler; yet, your listed specs show that the Saeco has MUCH lower initial heat up, recommended heat up, time to produce steam and time to froth 8 oz's of milk (9.8 secs vs 125 secs). Is this a typo? Did you really mean 98 seconds for the Saeco or 12.5 seconds for the Gaggia? It doesn't seem as if the difference should be that great? Finally, do you recommend any other comparable machines in this price range.
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Richard great questions. I think I can simplify this answer for you We do have a few typos and sorry, I like both the machines. I do know for pure espresso and a more stable platform for espresso I like the Gaggia as it gives you the advantage of a better group head and portafilter. It also lets you use bath a pressurized system and if you have a correct grind it will let you use the traditional commercial basket. Yes the higher watt boiler will make a difference. I view the Gaggia as a step above the entry level Saeco. I think the advantage of the Saeco lies in the ease of use. It is also more compact. I woudl let them both warm up about 4-5 minutes. I think you will be happier with the Gaggia especially if you think you may want to take a more Barista like approach to making great espresso. I hope this helps.
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