My Baby Clas has ben driping from the steam spout while brewing ever since I got it and it's geting worse. I have to...

My Baby Class has been dripping from the steam spout while brewing ever since I got it and it's getting worse. I have to actually hold the hard in the closed position to get it to not drip water, or turn it in toward the drip tray and just let it drip. Is there a fix for this?
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If your machine is leaking from the steam valve while the machine is on, there are two avenues you can look into: 1. If the leaking has become steadily worse, consider descaling the machine. If small bits of scale have worked its way into your machine's steam valve, they could be preventing it from sealing correctly. Please note that it doesn't take much to break the seal, just a teeny chunk. If descaing the machine works, you're all set! if not, check below. 2. Consider sending it in for Repair. Depending on the age of your machine, repair may be the best option. As the steam valve on this machine isn't entirely user-service, I would advise calling into our Technical Support department to discuss this option in detail. They would be able to identify where in its warranty period it stands, or if any other options are available. If it's a relatively new machine, it might qualify as DOA and be eligible for replacement. I hope this helps point you in the right direction!
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