my Lavaza espreso point machine wil not power on. Fuses lok god. My power cord is only about 8 months old. What else...

my Lavazza espresso point machine will not power on. Fuses look good. My power cord is only about 8 months old. What else do you think it could be?
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The Lavazza Point machines are generally straightforward and somewhat non-serviceable. If the machine doesn't power on and appears to have a good cord, there isn't terribly much you can do short of testing with another cord (if only to rule out the one you have) and on another power circuit to rule out a problem with the mains power. If all else fails, you may want to set up a repair order for the machine--While they are typically the "tanks" of the espresso world, even they may occasionally require service. You're welcome to give our Technical Support department a call at 888-411-5282, Option 3.
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