Ned help deciding betwen the Pasquini Liveta, Gagia Baby Twin and Rancilio Silvia (outside choice at this point) . I...

Need help deciding between the Pasquini Livetta, Gaggia Baby Twin and Rancilio Silvia (outside choice at this point) . I have had a Gaggia Carezza and Gaggia MDF grinders for about 6 years now. I've been very happy with Gaggia but I am looking for a more consistent expresso. With MDF at 4 and a good tamper I still get only a thin layer of crema. Rancillo is just about out of the running after reading reviews of very slow warm up times and inconsistent temps. i am leaning towards the Pasquini, but trying to decide if the price difference is worth it.
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Kristen, You make valid points. The Silvia due to it's 12oz boiler does take longer than the Gaggia's or the Pasquini's to warm up. It excels in the sense that it has all commercial grade parts, but are packed into a really small form factor. The Baby Twin and the Livietta both have two thermoblock boilers, but the Livietta will allow you to brew and steam at the same time. With the Baby Twin, there is only one pump, so you can only do one at a time. There is still a few seconds between changing between functions. Aside from the dual boilers, the Carezza is very similar to the Baby Twin. I know picking a machine is incredibly confusing, but we are always here to help you out! If you have any more questions, by all means let us know.
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