My wife and I are loking to purchase a late machine and experiment with making our own lates. Is this machine a god...

My wife and I are looking to purchase a latte machine and experiment with making our own lattes. Is this machine a good one to start out with? We like the built in grinder to save some counter space, but are unsure if this machine will allow us to make a good quality latte like the ones we get in any coffee shop other than a chain.
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Gary, I do like the idea of more counter space. I also think this is a good machine to be able to make good drinks. You may also want to look at a Gaggia classic with the Latte Art wand and get a separate grinder like the Gaggia MDF. I think it may give you a better all around drink. We do get good reviews on both. I would watch our videos on steaming milk to help. .
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