Thanks mjackson for your reply to my question below about the Celini Clasic. I have a few questions about maintenance...

Thanks mjackson for your reply to my question below about the Cellini Classic. I have a few questions about maintenance I was hoping you, or someone else, could help me with. I've had the machine for about a month. I backflush with the blank filter basket after every use, and wipe everything down with a damp cloth, including the group head gasket, but I'm sure it's time to do more. I received some Urnex Cleancaf with the grinder that I ordered. Can I use this as a backflush detergent to clean the group head? Anything else I should be doing regularly to maintain the group head? Also, I was thinking of buying a cleaning brush for the steam wand but it seems to contain a rubber tube, so that's probably not a good idea. Is there anything special I should do to maintain the steam wand? Finally, I use the machine about 10 times a week to make about a dozen to 20 drinks. When should I think about descaling and what do you recommend I use? Thanks for your help.
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You do not want to use the cleancaf for backflushing you need to buy he cafiza- Just follow the instructions on the bottle. You will only need to backflush the machine about once or twice a week. You may also want to use a brush to clean the grouphead when you are doing the backflushing. For the steam wand just be sure to wipe it down and purge after every steaming. As far as descaling you really should not have to descale that much if you try and use as soft as water as possible. Here are the directions for descaling - Read these instructions all the way through and understand them completely before attempting to drain your boiler** Caution! The machine must be heated to steam temperature to properly drain the boiler. The machine and water are at scalding temperatures. Tools and Equipment: Two large, high-temperature-safe containers for water. Descaling Solution (Not to be mistaken for a backflush solution such as Cafiza) Step-by-Step Instructions 1) Remove the steam tip, shower screen, and hot water wand tip or nozzle. 2) Plug the machine in and allow it to come to normal brewing temperature/pressure. a. If you are uncertain how to complete this step, refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual. This process may differ slightly for each machine. 3) Find two LARGE, tall-sided containers, place one under the brew group and one under the hot water dispenser. Make sure the containers are made of a material that will not melt or crack when quickly filled with boiling water. a. Make sure that both containers are firmly in place and will not spill or fall when water is drained into them. Remember, these two containers combined need to be equal to, or greater than, the volume of your boiler. 4) Remove the panel covering your machine's water reservoir (if so equipped). 5) Remove the water intake line from the water reservoir. This is usually the silicone tube with a water softener filter attached to the end. 6) Activate the pump by turning on the brew button. a. Beware of splashing hot water!! It will burn!! 7) Run the pump until water stops flowing from the brew head. 8) Turn off the brew button. 9) Turn off the main power switch. 10) Open the hot water dispensing valve by turning the hot water knob counter-clockwise. Make sure you open the knob completely. 11) Leave the hot water knob open until water stops flowing from the hot water dispensing valve. 12) Close the hot water dispensing valve. 13) The boiler is now drained of water. You should now mix your descaling solution. Make sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s dilution instructions. 14) Fill your water tank with the properly diluted and mixed descaling solution. 15) Fill the water reservoir with the descaling solution and place the tank in the machine. 16) Replace the inlet tube into the water tank. Remove the water softener filter if it is still attached and set it aside. 17) Turn the machine on. If everything is in place, it will begin to auto-fill. Press the coffee brewing button and allow descaling solution to begin flowing from the group head. 18) When about 1 cup of descaling solution has been dispensed from the group head, turn the coffee brewing button off. The machine may continue to auto-fill for about one (1) minute. The pump will stop itself once the boiler has filled to the proper level. 19) Leave the descaling solution in the machine for as long as the manufacturer’s instructions recommend. If there is no recommendation, letting it sit for 10-15 minutes is enough. *** Note: Any longer than is recommended and the descaling solution can damage the machine. *** 20) Repeat steps 2-13 to remove all of the descaling solution from the machine. 21) When the machine is drained of the descaling solution, you must refill it with clean water in order to rinse out any remaining descaling solution. Repeat the filling process (beginning at step 16). 22) You must now drain the machine one last time and refill it with clean water to remove all traces of the descaling solution. Repeat steps 2-13 one final time. 23) Now the machine is drained of all traces of descaling solution. Repeat the filling process one final time. 24) Reattach the steam tip, shower screen, and hot water wand tip or nozzle. 25) Your machine is now descaled and ready to brew coffee again.
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