We have an Incanto Delux and love it, but I'm extremely frustrated as of late. My cofe grinds and then the machine...

We have an Incanto Delux and love it, but I'm extremely frustrated as of late. My coffee grinds and then the machine sounds like its gearing up for prebrewing and then nothing, grounds go into the dredges drawer and it looks like grounds exploded inside as they are everywhere, after several tries it will work sometimes, others with no luck and I end up at the coffee shop. Going without my coffee is a no go with 3 kids including an infant :/ Sometimes if after several tries of it not working, I remove brew unit and rinse, it will then work. I've taken it apart and cleaned it, lubricated it, descaled it, etc and nothing. I'll be at the point of taking it for a service call when it will up and work well for several weeks. I just want to know I can get coffee when I want it! Then this morning it was acting up, it finally after 3 tries said descale, I removed brew unit to try and rinse it off to get out one precious drink and now brew unit won't go back into place. Any help with what to try is greatly appreciated.
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Hi Jessica, I'm sorry you're having trouble with your machine. I think I have some solutions for you. First, watch and follow this video on removing and reinstalling a stubborn brew unit http://www.wholelattelove.com/videos.cfm?playvidID=415 . Second, after you are able to get your brew unit installed, adjust your grind setting to something slightly more coarse and your dosage to a slightly lesser setting (dosage is the amount of espresso used per shot). Your brew unit is most likely "ditching" the grounds that you intend to use because its having trouble compacting and forcing water through them. If this doesn't resolve the issue please let us know.
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