I'm curious, what's the diference betwen the Expobar Lever and Control machines?

I'm curious, what's the difference between the Expobar Lever and Control machines?
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Both of these models offer outstanding durability, and are designed with many of the same high quality brewing components. Upgrades to the Expobar Office Lever include an authentic E61 brew group, a manually operated 3-way solenoid valve, 100% stainless steel body, redesigned knobs, and a redesigned steam arm. The commercial E61 brew group is known throughout the industry to be one of the best due to its thermal siphon design, which circulates hot water from the boiler through the group to maintain ideal brewing temperatures. Its temperature stability is as good as it gets.

However, because of the E61 brew group, the Office lever lacks the programmable functions that are available on the Office Control. The Office Control has four programmable brewing buttons and the 3-way solenoid valve activates automatically at the end of the brewing cycle. While both machines have a stainless steel exterior, the Office Control has a steel frame while the Office Lever is made entirely from stainless steel.
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