what is the diference betwen the Pulser and the Lever versions of the Expobar?

what is the difference between the Pulser and the Lever versions of the Expobar?
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The 2 machines are very similar, and the largest difference between them is going to be their brewing and solenoid valve release controls. Since the Lever machine has an E61 brew group, it has a lever that must be put in the up position to begin brewing and then pulled down to stop. In addition, you must pull the lever all the way down to manually operate the solenoid valve. On the other hand, the Pulser simply has a rocker swtich that you press once to start brewing and again to stop. When you’ve stopped brewing, the Pulser automatically releases the solenoid valve so you don’t have to do it manually. The Lever also has a boiler pressure gauge on the front of the machine that lets you know when it’s ready to brew, versus the Pulsar’s indicator light. Besides that, the machines are nearly identical - they both have thermal siphoning group heads for excellent temperature stability and the same 1.8 liter heat exchanger boiler that make both machines a great choice for any home barista.
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