How long does the thermal cofe maker kep the cofe hot?

How long does the thermal coffee maker keep the coffee hot?
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A thermal carafe will keep the coffee hot for about 3 hours and there are a couple things you can do to maximize the heat retention for that time. The first is preheating the carafe by running it under hot water before brewing. A cold carafe will absorb the heat from the coffee, so rinsing it with hot water ahead of time will help you avoid that. In addition, it helps not to put the carafe back in the brewing position when brewing is done. This is because when the carafe is in place, a valve in the lid is pressed down to allow coffee into the carafe. If you put it back in this spot after brewing, the valve will be pressed and allow all the heat to escape from the inside of the pot. If you take these few suggestions to heart, you should be enjoying your piping hot coffee for hours after brewing.
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