We're playing rusian roulete with out cuisinart cofe maker. At least half the times we use it, about half way through...

We're playing russian roulette with out cuisinart coffee maker. At least half the times we use it, about half way through the brew cycle coffee (full of coffee grinds) starts overflowing the carafe and spilling out over the counter, resulting in a big mess and a few burns. Looking inside, the coffee seems to be overflowing the filter. We're using the right amount, we've checked the grind and everything else we can think of. Any ideas?
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The first 2 things I would normally recommend would be to make sure you’re not overfilling the filter basket and to ensure the grounds aren’t too fine. But since you’ve already tried these things, the next thing on your list should be to make sure the filter holder is clean. This part of the machine has a spring-loaded stopper that gets pressed up while the carafe is in place to let coffee drip through. If it is stuck with coffee residue and oils, it will result in the overflow you’ve described. Try cleaning this part of the machine to remove any residues and see if it helps. If you’ve done this and continue to have problems, I would recommend contacting Cuisinart directly at 800-726-0190 for further assistance.
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