How freshly roasted are the beans?

I was wondering how freshly roasted these beans are. I am a big fan of Lavazza beans. However, I recently bought some from Amazon and was disappointed with the flavor and quality of the espresso and french roast coffee I made with them. I then noticed that the beans had been roasted over 3 months prior to when I received them. This is a great price for the beans and it seems everyone has been enjoying them so far, so would be very interested in buying more. The roast date is on the bottom right or left side of the bag, and I believe will be written European-style, month/day/year.

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Most Lavazza beans have a posted shelf life of between one and two years from the date they were bagged.  As these beans are roasted overseas and are often shipped across the ocean by way of container, you'll often find them no younger than 2-3 months, typically 6 months to 1 year old.  As these are a bulk-roasted product, they're bagged and stocked in such a way to ensure that they can survive without incident on a shelf of a retailer or store without losing much of their flavor. 

If you're seeking a fresher roasted bean, I'd strongly advise looking into micro roasters like Klatch Coffee, Paradise Coffee Roasters, Johnson Brothers, Atomic Caffe, David Schulmer's Espresso, and the countless others that are available for purchase.  most of these have shelf lives capped at 6 months, with some significantly sooner than that.

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