We are plumbing a house for this machine. What diameter line and fitting should be used to plumb it (we dont want to starve the pump). Looks like we should install a filter and regulator in line as well. Is copper considered good? Our water supply will come from under the kitchen sink so we can install a shut off valve. Thank you.

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As the flow rate required by this machine is relatively low, you'd be ok with 1/4" hose feeding the machine.  We supply all machines with a brass adapter that converts the 3/8" female BSP fitting to a more usable 3/8" male Flare fitting. With regard to water regulators, you'd be best setting the upper limit at 30-40psi.  In general, the pump has a relatively low flow rate (being designed to dispense only a relatively low volume of water over a long period of time), so you shouldn't have any trouble with almost any standard water source. 

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