Hello fiends. I´m new on this espresso world and I´ve just bought:

Expobar office control

Rancilio rocky md grinder

What would you recommend for cleaning and maintenance? what products and what periodicity? Thanks in advance!!!


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Thank you for the question.  We will first start off with the Expobar.  First, you will want to backflush the machine every 10-14 days.  This is achieved by using a backflush dic(Basket with no holes in it) and a cleaner such as Cafiza.  This will clean the group head and remove coffee build up so that it is not transmitted to the your finished product.  I would high suggest using the water softner with this machine to keep the water as soft as possible.  This will keep the machine from building scale up in it.  As this machine can be descaled but it can be quite tricky to do.  Moving onto the Rocky grinder.  I am a firm believer is disassembling the burr area and cleaning the threads and grinding area to keep from oils and coffee from building up and causing more stress on the motor.  This will prolong the machine lifespan by doing so.  I suggest ever 3 to 6 months for this.  I have such a large span on time for this due to the use of a light roast to a dark roast and the amount of usage.  Shane

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