Leak from porta filter assembly

We just got our Gaggia Espresso Pure and it leaks from the porta filter head assembly.  There appears to be something keeping it from tightening properly.  The gasket is not worn, as the machine is new, and it isn't dirty.  There also isn't too much coffee in the basket, as we've been very careful with dosing the proper amount.  The filter basket is properly seated in the handle assembly.

The instruction book says that the handle should point straight forward or slightly to the right when it's correctly tightened, but we can't get it to move past about 1/8 of a turn in, barely tightened at all.  Is there something obvious we're overlooking?


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With regard to tightening the portafilter, this model may require a bit of force within the first month of use to get everything attached properly.  After this period of time, the group gasket will start to soften up and allow the process to occur more easily.  Initially, you'll also find that the handle will actuallly seat largely to the left of center when the machine is new (I'm not entirely sure why the manual is suggesting a proper seated position so far to the right, as that would be indicative of a worn gasket on this model).  If you want to rule out coffee as a factor, attach the filter and tighten it to the expected position with an empty filter basket installed.  If it can move further along than when it was loaded with coffee, too much is being used. 

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Excellent, thanks.  We were able to get the portafilter to fit more tightly by applying a little more pressure and that does seem to have solved the problem for the time being.

  GC       Jan 01, 2014 08:04PM
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