I purchased a DeLonghi EC860 and it workd great except for a leaking outlet ion the water tank, I contacted DeLonghi and a new tank will be shipped shortly. I now experianced that the water tank was not letting out water to the machine, I removed the Water softner filter and it works fine. In this area we have very soft water. My question: is the water softner filter Required? 

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Thank you for the great question.  We see this question a lot, the filter is not required, it is only an added saftey meassure to protect against calcium or lime build up.  If you feel your water quality is very good, you might not need it but is suggested as an extra meassure.  A filter like that should be replaced per the manufacturers suggested time frames to keep from stopping flow of water.  If your not going to use the filter, just remember to keep on a strict descaling cycle of every 2 to 3 months depending usage.

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