I've had the Titanium for about two weeks now. The first thing I did after setting it up was adjust the preset brew time for the "small" coffee. In pursuit of the Golden Rule of 2oz in 20-25secs, I adjusted the grind settings and dose amount a bunch of times. After dumping a lot of shots (especially since the manual states the new settings don't take effect for 3 or 4 brews), I finally got to 25secs. I then programmed the small coffee button. 

But now I am getting very inconsistent brew times for that small coffee setting. Even within the same batch of beans, and same reservoir of water, it may run for 15secs one brew, then sometimes over 60secs another time. I rarely get my programmed perfect 2oz in 25secs. 

Any advice or feedback on how to get more consistent performance? Thank you!

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Hello  Adam,


Thank you for the question.  I have read through what you are trying to achieve with the timing.  I will tell you that with the way the machines are designed the Golden Rule does not apply to super automatics.  That is left to a semi-auto, where you have control over the tamp pressure and a grinder really designed for tuning in on the correct grind setting.  I find with the Titanium that a typical setting of 2 to 3 on grinder and the strength turned up to the highest is the best.

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Thanks for the response, Shane. I'm currently at 4 on the gind, and two clicks away from the highest strength. I'll try out your settings too - appreciate the feedback!

Do you get consistent brew times each time? That's the part that confuses me the most, because it leads to inconsistent results. Even though I set the "small" button for 25secs, it might run for 15 seconds one time, then 60 seconds the next. I can understand a bit of deviation (+/- 5secs maybe?) depending on how the grind and tamp occur. But shouldn't it be closer than that wide range I'm seeing? 

  Adam       Jan 20, 2014 03:25PM
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