Hello, we have a Gaggia Clasic that we have been using for about 13 months.  Here within the last month it seems to pressure to make the shots has decreased dramatically to the point where it barely drips out.  We had not changed the grind or anything when this started so when it started pulling slow I made it have a coarser grind and that seemed to work for a few times but then we went to a barely finer grind and now it is barely dripping again.  I am not sure what to do because it seems to have just started this. Also, does the machine need to be "primed" every time we use it?


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Most likely you are experiencing the symptoms of advanced scale buildup. If you haven't descaled this machine in the past 6-8 weeks, then that is the first step. It is important to use a proper descaling solution. I personally prefer this; http://www.wholelattelove.com/Durgol/durgol_swiss_espresso.cfm it works quickly and is safe for your machine. You can always call in to Whole Latte Love and talk to someone to get the best advice on which solution to use. If after a proper descaling (possibly twice, if it hasn't been done for a long time) it is still performing this way, then you can start diagnosing other problems. Two possible causes that can catch people off gaurd is your tamp and the beans themselves. It is not unusual that over time a person increases their tamp pressure. Very often 30 lbs is recommended as an ideal tamping pressure. This is lighter than most people might think. If you have increased your tamp pressure that can along with a couple other circumstances cause the described problem. The beans too can cause problems. Though you have not changed your grind over 13 months, your grinder has certainly could have changed the grind. Grinders can go out of adjustment a little and the burrs sometimes if allowed to get lose, can actually grind closer on some machines. Not saying this is a cause for sure, just don't discount it completely. If you are using a blade type grinder, even small changes to the grind duration can change the outcome. An extended grind can cause very fine bean dust to clog the holes in the basket. Finally if you are trying a new bean, it could be too oily for the Classic, at least with the grind you are using. If none of this helps call WLL technical support.

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