Ceado E7 Timer how to set grind time

I ordered this grinder and just received it today. I see that this does not have the autho off switch in the doser so it is not an automatic model. I did not see, but my idea of a timer model was to have a dial that would count the time that the grinder runs to shut off at a particular time - and as such grind a certain amount of coffee. I looked back at the videos and read the manual that came with it, but I for the life of me see nothing referring to the timer version.


Can you please explain how to adjust the grind time on this machine?

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Well I called and got an answer on this:

Pasted from Features:"A timer lets you control the grinding process to achieve the desired coffee volume."

Tthat is not entirely true. This grinder has no adjustable timer, so you cannot control the grind process to the desired volume of coffee. The timer runs at a preset 1 minute. For a single user 1 minute grinds alot of coffee. So to adjust the volume you have to use it as a 2 button semi-automatic. Push the power button - press the start button - when you get the amount of coffee desired re-press the power button to shut off. This still works OK for me. The grinder is built like a tank. Easy to clean. Keeps grind adjustment after full cleaning. Grind quality is excellent. And it was on sale so I got it at a great price.

The initial disappointment was my fault I should have called first. But from what I have seen most grinders calling themselves "timer" are adjustable.

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