Gaggia Accademia not notifying when bean hopper is empty

I received my Gaggia Accademia on February 20 of this year and have been very happy.  My previous machine was a Saeco Royal Digital Plus.  Yesterday, I powered up the Gaggia as usual and pressed the espresso button.  The machine went through the typical motions to make my espresso  but only dispensed weak-looking water.  I checked the bean hopper and it was empty.  I assumed that the Gaggia would have notified me long before this point.  I refilled the bean hopper and everything was fine.

Just now, I pressed the Cafe button and while the coffee was being dispensed into my cup, the machine ran out of water.  A notification was displayed but instead of waiting for me to refill the water so that the rest of the cafe could be made, the machine dumped the puck and I was left with only a half-cup of coffee.  

My quite old Saeco never had either issue I have described.

Any thoughts?  Should I open a problem ticket with Tech Support so that I can return the machine if these

problems continue?




1 Answer

Yes.  Please contact tech support at 1-888-411-5282 option 3

  Erik       Jun 25, 2014 10:14AM
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