I'm looking forward to upgrade my kitchen with a good expresso machine. One day I was in Toronto , where I have visited SEICO store that sells coffee machines. I was told, that unless I have a business, I should not buy a professional coffee machine, because the machines need to be plugged in to the electrical outlet at all times and very frequently used. My coffee drinking is casual, but I like expresso machine made coffee, it is of much better quality and taste comparing it to coffe made with a regular drip coffee maker. Currently I have a little, Italian made , all plastic expresso machine that I bought a while ago at Canadian Tire store. The coffee is better than the coffee from the drip coffee maker, but the ECM Technika VI promisses yet better quality coffee, with lots of crema and hot, instead only lukewarm. Besides - the ECM Technika seems to be exceptionaly well built. Schould I buy one, or it is rather ment for coffee shop owners? Must this coffee maker be in constant use, or is it also a good modern kitchen appliance that is recomended also for home grown chefs? Looking forward to Your answer

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The ECM Technika is a popular home espresso machine choice. We refer to this type of machine as a pro-sumer espesso machine. It can fit well on a kitchen counter and has the ability to make cafe quality drinks in your home. You will find the quailty of the espresso that this machine can produce to be superior. I would recommend taking a look at the user reviews in regards to the machine. It has 5 out of 5 star. Here is a link: 


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