I have had my Titanium for a little over 2 months. After almost every grind, I have to manually push the beans into the feeder. They are not just "falling" into the grinder. It doesn't matter if I have a small amount of beans or have it packed to the very top. If I don't push them in, then I get an error message saying that there are no beans.

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The grinder is surrounded by 3 vertival fins that feed the beans into the grinder and on top of these fins is a cap. I removed the cap and that has greatly improved the beans feeding into the grinder. I no loger have to push the beans in before every grind. However, it has not completely alleviated the issue after about 7-8 times the beans stop from going into the grinder. The grinder is not centered in bean hopper. It is way to one side (the front). This means that on 3 sides the bean hopper is quite stepp, but the hopper floor on the far side (the largest section) is not steep enough and the fin on that side, rather than guiding the beans, actually impedes the beans flow into the grinder. I am going to remove that fin as well, which should be the last barrier to keep the beans from falling into the grinder under its own weight.

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