Is there a Brewtus IV-R Manual in E N G L I S H ? I downloaded the manual from the WLL website but it's in Spanish or Italian, I can't tell which.



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It's been a few weeks since I received my Expobar Brewtus IV-R. A manual in ENGLISH was included with my new machine, HOWEVER the downloadable manual that appears on the Whole Latte Love website in SPANISH was not included with my new machine. These are two different manuals. The one in English that was included with my new machine is a simple how-to operate type manual. It doesn't contain the mechanical schematics that the downloadable manual on the Whole Latte Love website features.

I feel that BOTH manuals are useful to the end-user because there will most probably come a time when the machine will need to be repaired and/or parts replaced. Since the Expobar is a product that Whole Latte love features as one of their cornerstone prosumer models, it would be advantageous to give both manuals to the consumers at the time of purchase. This would alleviate the need for hours of frustration and panicked phone calls to Whole Latte Love trying to figure out what's wrong with the machine in the future, which is what I went through with my Brewtus II before learning about the Google Brewtus group. I was able to get a very detailed manual that one of the members had assembled there. For anybody who has an older Brewtus, here's the link:!forum/brewtus

I also find it annoying that so many people have posted questions to the Whole Latte Love group and there are very few with posted answers. There has to be some better way to handle this dilemma.

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