gaggia platinum swiing is making weak--in  coffee and long setttings--sepresso is fine--can i adjust water settings to use less--suggestions

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Thank you for the question.  This was my first machine before the Accademia.  I loved this mode.  I would suggest reprograming the length.  Also, if you have a dark coffee do not set it at the finest, it won't extract correctly.  When I first had one, my setting for a tall cup were as follows.  I had the grinder one up from the lowest setting.  I had the long button programmed for 6oz and the strength for 3 beans. I would also keep the e-plus system set so the flow was fastest(Less bitter) For my travel mug, I would hit the center button twice on the long coffee setting, so that the machien would grind and brew twice for a total of 12oz.  You can make taller if you would like.  A thing to remember, mild strength is 7grams setting.  Which would be 1oz shot of espresso or a 4 to 5 oz cup of coffee.  So strong aroma(Strength) would be 10.5 grams which would be about a 6-7oz cup of coffee.

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