Hi, New to the super automatic expresso machines club.

We just purchased a gaggia-accademia-espresso-machine and should be delivered soon.

My wife and I are mostly cafe crema drinkers and are eager to try this machine.

We are upgrading from a Tassimo Disk machine and were used to Italian cafe cremas Tassimo offered. We were brewing 8 fl oz. cremas.

Could someone be kind enough and recommend a good working setting to make a good crema? We are aiming close to 8 fl oz. drinks.

I'll experimenting with Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Espresso


- Thanks in Advance - 


P.S. I love this community BTW :)

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Thank you for the question.  I happen to have the same machine at home.  I actually do not monkey with the grinder setting for a cafe crema.  I do choose the 3 bean strength.  The next thing to play with is the e-plus system.  I perfer to set my e-plus to full open, so it is least restrictive and I pick up very few bitter notes doing it that way.  I would start full open then close the e-plus valve to slow the flow to find the flavor you want.

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Thanks Shane!

First let me tell you this machine is amazing! I can't believe I was missing out for so long. I haven't had a good cup coffee at home in a long time until I got this machine. I just came back from Jamaica and could not wait to get my home made coffee :) 

Even though I love Jamaican coffee, the expresso machine over there could not get even close to the Accademia :)

I found the perfect balanace for my cafe crema and even expressos:

  • Grinder:  The 3rd finest from the finest to the coarsest one.
  • 3 Beans strength
  • Hottest coffee setting.
  • e-plus set to position 5 basically one notch higher/stronger than the middle setting. It comes with 8 dots or notches "I believe".
  • I increased the coffee duration to 2 bars up than default.
  • Set the milk foam just to raise half way of my coffee mug.

This seems to work great with Lavazza Super Crema, a local Colombian coffee and local Colombian decaf grinded coffee.

I just can hope this machine can last me long time because I really love it. I already saved $20 in just a couple of weeks. I used to have a single cup coffee machine "Tassimo" while it was great I saw myself buying coffee disks ever week $10 each time.


- Thank You -

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